Captain Sugar & the Monkey Puppets  is a young circus collective based in the Netherlands. Five graduates from Codarts Circus Arts decided to continue their circus careers together and formed a collective with the goal to bring fresh contemporary circus to all audiences. 
Since their graduation they have worked amongst other projects with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (TING!) and are now happy to present their first independent creation: Camouflage.

‘Camouflage’ tells the story of the comfortable life of a small, colorful society in an isolated microcosm of a living room. Their daily routine seems to work like a well-oiled machine – until suddenly a stranger appears in their world. With a mindset of his own the newcomer sets in motion a series of events that leaves no hat unturned.

Captain Sugar and the monkey puppets mix physical theatre with high-class circus skills in an energetic and playful family show which takes the audience on a humorous journey through questions about identity, belonging and community.